Boxe Francaise/ Savate

There is a French sport and a martial art called Boxe Francaise-Savate. This system of fighting was born in the streets of France and evolved to become a very sophisticated system of self-defense. Boxe Francaise-Savate is a type of fencing that uses the fists and feet with force and finesse. The most frequently used weapon is the shoe or boot. Savate, which was first created in 1820, elaborated upon different methods and styles of foot fighting from the various provinces of France and combined them with openhanded defensive blows.

The first part of Savate training is the warm-up and stretching, The savateur must have strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and a sense of space.

Boxe Francaise-Savate challenges much of the minds resources. The savateur must create tactical combinations and invent strategies of feints and hits. Savate is a scientific game of voluntary loss and regaining of balance in which the body becomes a highly controlled projectile.

Although full contact exists in Savate, it is always controlled and graceful. Savate has an aesthetic quality, which includes strictness and harmony as well as grace and elegance.

Nubreed’s Authenticity in Boxe Francaise/ Savate Training Comes From
Four Silver Glove Instructors Certified Under the late Professor Salem Assli

The late Professor Salem Assli was born in Lille, France. Salem Assli earned his 1st degree Silver Glove in France from the National Technical Director, Bob Alix.
One year later back in Los Angeles, Salem earned the prestigious diploma of Professeur of Boxe Francaise Savate, 2nd degree Silver Glove with members of the French Elite Team such as Richard Sylla and Robert Paturel.
He is recognized as a leading authority in teaching techniques and historical background of the traditional French martial arts.