Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our BJJ instruction focuses on efficiency & attention to detail; teaching the newest innovations of modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu without neglecting the fundamentals of self-defense. The teaching relates to the efficiency of the lever & fulcrum.
How can I sweep an opponent twice my weight?
How can I armlock someone who is three times as strong?
The answer is always LEVERAGE.

You look for positions that multiply your perceived strength while minimizing that of your opponent.
These are the leverage points that must be sought and are taught at Nubreed Martial Arts Academy.

Our BJJ program is taught for real-world self-defense.

Students will learn;
-Throws and takedowns
-Locks, chokes and holds
-Strategies for using leverage to submit  much larger opponents

Benefits of training in BJJ;
-Sustainable weight loss & flexibility
-Increased cardiovascular endurance
-Increased lean muscle and total body strength
-Increased self confidence

If you're looking for a great workout, great experience and a true challenge we've got the answer.